Whole Child Initiative is the comprehensive approach to caring for children that recognizes and addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of a child’s life, physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual.

The comprehensive approach to caring for children

Whole Child Training helps parents and caregivers improve their parenting through the lens of the Whole Child Initiative. With in depth focus on the development and behaviors of children, this training was designed with you in mind!

Whole Child Resources provides relevant topics for information you need to help you better care for children. Whether you’re a parent, foster parent, adoptive parent, practically anyone who is involved in making an impression on children’s lives, this repository of WCI-approved resources is vital for your continued growth as a caregiver.

Join the Whole Child Community! The Whole Child Community brings together parents and caregivers, a place where you can focus on topics and issues in parenting. Create your free account to join the community today.

Whole Child Events are crucial to maintaining and improving the utilization of the Whole Child approach. Join our webinars, attend our conference, and participate in our many other events to ensure you are using the approach to its fullest potential.

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Whole Child Initiative provides a holistic framework for caregivers to meet the unique needs of vulnerable children through a trauma-sensitive approach.

Physical Development

Whole Child’s goal is to enhance a child’s physical functioning by assessing their medical, developmental, and sensory needs. Whole Child caregivers provide appropriate medical care, healthy nutritional options and opportunities for physical activity, rest, and healthy touch.

Emotional Healing

Come alongside children with awareness and compassion regarding their histories, emotions, and behaviors, and engage with them through healthy, loving, and trust based relationships. Whole Child Caregivers also partner with professionals when necessary to encourage further emotional healing and growth.

Educational Success

Whole Child’s goal is to ensure a child is regularly assessed to determine maximum cognitive functioning according to his ability. A community of caregivers, teachers, and tutors must provide resources and support needed to help children thrive academically.

Spiritual Growth

Whole Child’s goal is to expose children to the truth and grace of the Gospel through redemptive parenting for the purpose of creating fertile soil for God's work in their lives.


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