The comprehensive approach to caring for children


The Whole Child Initiative is the comprehensive approach to caring for children that recognizes and addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of a child’s life, physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual.

No area is unimportant.

Each part of the approach is inseparable from the others. All parts are mutually influencing and interlocking. No area is unimportant.

Whole Child Initiative provides a framework through which redemptive caregiving can provide healing to forgotten, abused, and abandoned children.

Physical Development

Children often enter a Whole Child program with a significant lack of medical care, proper nutrition, and physical exercise. The Whole Child goal is to enhance a child's physical functioning by providing appropriate medical care, healthy nutritional options and exercise through extracurricular activities and safe spaces to play.

Emotional Healing

A child entering Whole Child Initiative care often has no sense of safety or security. Past traumatic experience can cause an inability to attach to a caregiver. Caregivers address a child's emotional past and encourage them to trust others, share fears and concerns, engage in healthy play, and receive love.

Educational Support

Children entering Whole Child care rarely have consistent educational backgrounds and often learning disabilities. A whole child must be regularly assessed for mental development and adequate educational progress. A community of caregivers, teachers and tutors must continually monitor individual children.

Spiritual Growth

The Whole Child goal is to expose children to the Gospel, to the scriptures, and to God's people through words and actions, with the purpose of creating fertile soil for God's work in their lives. Spiritual care is the cornerstone because of the biblical mandates to care for orphans and rear children in the nurture and care of the Lord.



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Whole Child Conference was developed with one goal in mind – to strengthen caregivers. In a relaxed environment, attendees will hear from influential speakers, gain insights on helpful resources, and enjoy the fellowship of other caregivers in the community.

Whole Child Conference aims to encourage, educate, and equip caregivers with the training and support needed to minister to the whole child. The conference will focus on the four key areas of the Whole Child Initiative: educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual.