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Discuss the caregiving issues, successes, tips, sorrows and joys you experience firsthand and interact with a network of peers.

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The WCI Community is your resource for interacting with others who have been in your shoes, while offering you a platform to provide help and tips to those who are currently in a season of life that you have passed through.

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Our forums are frequently monitored to ensure that all posted content is on-topic and relatable. We work diligently to prevent spam posting, vulgarity, and any bullying so our community will continue to be a safe space for parents and caregivers to grow.

Building a Community of Caregivers

We are building a community of like-minded caregivers who work around the world to live out our Christian charge — to care for orphans. Become a member of the Whole Child Community and gain access to a selection of our invaluable articles, stories, and community forums completely free.

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