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Relying solely on your own knowledge and resources to raise a child is the first pitfall of many caregivers. Come alongside a community of doers, learning where others have fallen short and adding your own insight to the conversation in our community caregiving forums.

Our article database is updated regularly by WCI author, Dr. David Foster, who brings his almost four decades of experience in counseling, marriage and family therapy, and active ministry to this easy-to-digest, as well as other caregiving professionals and caregivers actively doing the work of restoring children who have been neglected and abused.

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Physical Development

Children often enter a Whole Child program with a significant lack of medical care, proper nutrition, and physical exercise. Learn to enhance a child's physical functioning by providing appropriate medical care, healthy nutritional options and exercise through extracurricular activities and safe spaces to play.

Emotional Healing

A child entering Whole Child Initiative care often has no sense of safety or security. Past traumatic experience can cause an inability to attach to a caregiver and may lead to acting out behaviors and trust issues. Learn to address a child's emotional past and encourage them to trust others, share fears and concerns, engage in healthy play, and receive love.

Educational Support

Children entering Whole Child care rarely have consistent educational backgrounds and often learning disabilities. A whole child must be regularly assessed for mental development and adequate educational progress. Learn to be a part of a community of caregivers, teachers and tutors who must continually monitor and address individual strengths and deficiencies.

Spiritual Growth

The Whole Child goal is to expose children to the Gospel, to the scriptures, and to God's people through words and actions, with the purpose of creating fertile soil for God's work in their lives. Learn how to make spiritual care is the cornerstone of your caregiving practices, how to care for orphans and rear children in the nurture and care of the Lord.


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