About Whole Child Initiative

Mission: Actively transform the lives of vulnerable children all over the world.

Meet the Team

Drake Bassett


“We have the ability to restore the broken path of a child and help shape the direction of their future. That kind of opportunity is full of possibilities and motivates us to be proactive in all that we do to make their life whole.”

In 2012, Drake Bassett joined Palmer Home for Children as President and CEO.  During his tenure, Drake has launched a number of innovative programs including Whole Child Initiative.

Before leaving the corporate world for non-profit ministry, Drake served in various leadership roles including CEO of Claritas, a Nielsen Company.

Ashley Haeusler

Senior Director

Ashley Haeusler joined the Whole Child Initiative team as Senior Director in 2016. Her organizational skills and passion for helping children have been directed at launching Whole Child Initiative globally. Ashley is continually evaluating ways in which Whole Child can assist organizations and individuals to better serve vulnerable children.

Lauren Strickland

Training Director

Lauren Strickland joined the Whole Child Initiative team as the Director of Training in 2016.  Previously, she served foster and adoptive families with over 13 years of social work experience. Lauren obtained a Master of Social Work Degree from Tulane University, with a concentration in clinical work with families and children and has a background in counseling, primarily serving children with complex trauma.

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